Proper Flooring Can Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

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Philadelphia slip & fall lawyers advocate for proper flooring to prevent accidents in restaurants.Businesses frequently encounter slip and fall accidents, many occurring in restaurants. Restaurant owners want to avoid hazards that contribute to patrons taking a tumble inside the restaurant. Owners must plan for all types of patrons, such as young children, elderly customers, and disabled customers who may use wheelchairs, walkers, or canes.

When planning the construction and flow of a restaurant, owners should be very cognizant of safety. Building owners should start with a solid foundation and use high traction flooring. Resinous floor finishes can also help to prevent falls, since this type of flooring can withstand harsh weather conditions and has great durability.

Maintaining the coefficient of friction (COF), which measures the slip resistance in various areas in the restaurant, is very important. The static COF measures how much traction it takes to induce a slip, and a dynamic COF quantifies a person’s ability to stop once they begin to slip on the floor. When cleaning the floor, do not use certain waxes or polishes on floors that can cause loss of traction. Following these standards will help reduce the possibility of patrons slipping.

Tips to Keep Floors Safe

Make sure mats are placed on a dry surface. If mats are on a wet surface, they can induce falling. Replace worn mats and repair uneven surfaces if there are dips or breaks in the floor. Instruct employees not to overfill busing containers.  Overfilling these containers increases the chances of items falling and causes wet and slippery surfaces.

If there is a spill in the restaurant, be sure that employees are immediately notifying customers of a wet or slippery area. Either have an employee stand near the spill directing customers around the spill or place a sign or barrier over or around the area so that it is impossible for patrons to step into the wet area. Spills should be cleaned immediately.


Both business owners and patrons should exercise caution when on a certain property. Owners must uphold a duty of reasonable care to ensure that patrons are protected from potential hazards, such as wet floors or broken walkways. Patrons should also exercise caution when entering a property with obvious hazards. If a business owner neglects to fix or repair an obvious hazard they had known or should have known about, they may be held liable for potential injuries.

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