Spring Slip and Fall Prevention

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Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers help victims injured from seasonal hazards.Spring is here, a time when people come out of hiding and take up new outdoor hobbies or adventures. However, each season poses its own dangers, including slip and fall accidents. This may be due to people participating in new activities, but it can also be due to hazards that are particular to early spring. The following are common spring hazards to look out for this season.

Weather-Related Hazards

The weather may still be cold at night, re-freezing melting snow or rain from the daytime. Pedestrians should take extra care when walking on sidewalks and elsewhere outside when they spot a wet surface. Depending on the recent temperatures, a wet surface may be covered in ice. Freeze-ups can occur during the day in areas that are shaded from the sun.

Spring showers and melting ice and snow bring with it slush and muddy surfaces.  Mud can create slippery surfaces for people walking and driving. Boots may be the best shoe choice or other types of shoes with tread to prevent a slip and fall accident, such as sneakers.

Broken Pavement

Broken pavement and potholes are more common in the spring season. It is wise to remain vigilant for changes in the pavement where you are used to walking. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on walkways and driveways throughout the winter, especially places where salt has been used. Broken sidewalks and pavement contribute to the potential for falls and injuries.

Slippery Floors Inside Businesses

Wet weather can also contribute to slip and fall hazards inside businesses. If you are walking into a store or business, always try to wipe your shoes clean before walking onto floors that may be slippery as a result of other patrons tracking in water or mud. Always be on the look-out for unexpected objects when you enter any area.


To prove fault in a slip and fall case, one must prove negligence on part of the property owner. It must be proven that the owner either knew or should have known of the hazard, within a timely manner, and failed to remedy the issue and uphold a reasonable duty of care to any visitors or customers on the premises.

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