Slip and Fall Accidents While Moving

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Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers help clients injured in moving accidents.April through September is prime moving time for tenants. After starting a new lease, tenants are usually pleased to be in a new apartment. It is also a new opportunity for a positive landlord-tenant relationship. If, as a tenant, you hired movers, be sure that the movers carry liability insurance in case of accidents during your move. If an accident does occur, the question may arise about who bears the financial responsibility of any repairs and the replacement of lost items and medical bills if anyone gets hurt.

The Landlord’s Responsibility of Keeping Up the Property

If the landlord was negligent in keeping up the property where you or your movers were injured or caused damage to your belongings, then they could be held liable for damages associated with the accident. As a tenant, before you sign the lease or begin your move, always inspect the property for any potential hazards. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there hazards on the front lawn or driveway?
  • Are there falling branches or leaves from trees around the property that could cause hazards or make it difficult for a moving truck to get close to your new home?
  • Are there areas of the home that make it vulnerable to theft, such as broken storm doors or basement windows that are not secured?
  • Has the landlord scheduled routine maintenance on indoor or outdoor areas that could potentially cause hazards if they are neglected?
  • Have you and the landlord contracted that the tenant is responsible for routine maintenance?

Precautions for Bad Weather

Prior to your moving day, check the weather and make contingency plans if the weather is not likely to cooperate. Arrange for tarps or wraps to cover any of your belongings that could get damaged in wet weather. If you are moving during the winter months and snow is predicted, talk with your mover about potentially changing the date depending on the severity and accumulation. If you plan to move despite bad weather, discuss with your landlord any extra steps they can take to protect their property and make it safe for you and your movers. Talk to your movers about putting down a runner at the main entrance where they will be entering with your belongings. A runner of the right material can help avoid slip and fall accidents and catch water and mud from your movers’ shoes so that they do not track dirt and water into your living space.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers at Nerenberg Law Associates Help Clients Injured in Moving Accidents

Moving into a new apartment or rental home can present hidden risks. During the move, tenants and movers are susceptible to slip and fall accidents. The Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers at Nerenberg Law Associates can provide you with legal guidance if you or your movers have experienced a slip and fall accident during your move. Please contact us online or call us at 215-569-9100 for a free consultation. Located in Philadelphia, we serve clients throughout Pennsylvania.